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Tuna with Chili 170g Jar

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"Yellowfin Tuna fish Thunnus albacares, Olive oil, Hot chili pepper 4%, Protected Iodized Salt (Italian Sea Salt, Potassium Iodate 0.007%) "

Tuna with Chili 170g Jar


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Delicious Yellowfin Tuna Chunks with hot chilli pepper of Calabria, for an extra spicy flavour. They are produced with selected raw materials and totally processed in Italy.

  • Perfect for salads, tarts, pizza and for the preparation of tuna based pasta sauce.
  • Callipo Tuna Fillets are the only ones containing Iodized Salt Presal, which is “protected” as it is subject to a specific technological process maintaining iodine levels constant even after cooking and in food preparations and ensuring its assimilation.
  • Dolphin-safe: No dolphins were chased or netted while fishing for the tuna
  • Does not contain skin, fishbones and scales