Vannamei Shrimps Breaded Butterfly Cut Frozen (1kg)


PieceCountry of origin: Vietnam
AED 59.80
Product Information
The white shrimp, also known as the white leg shrimp or Pacific white shrimp, is a farmed shrimp originally coming from the eastern Pacific Ocean, from Sonora in Mexico to northern Peru. Vannamei shrimp are commonly used shrimps in most fine-dining restaurants. These peeled tails on shrimps are coated with bread crumbs and have a light crispy texture and flavour. The deveined cleaned shrimp can be used in any type of cuisine. Defrost shrimp in the refrigerator or in cold water. Do not use the microwave because shrimp deteriorates quickly in warm air. Once thawed do not freeze again.
  • White butterfly-shaped breaded shrimps can be used to prepare your favourite seafood delicacy with the delicious taste of pure and fresh cooked shrimps
  • It absorbs the spices and flavours easily and maintains the tenderness of its meat
  • Hygienically packed and stored to preserve natural properties. Ready to cook to add convenience to your cooking tasks.
Shrimp, wheat flour, Modified starch, vegetable oil, salt, Emulsifier