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Beans Cannellini Organic (400gr)

Beans Cannellini Organic (400g)


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Beans Organic Cannellini have a high content of vegetable and fiber proteins, they are ready to be used to enrich soups and salads or to be used as a tasty and healthy side dish for your dishes.

About the Product:

  • The Cannellini Beans is an ideal ingredient to enrich tasty salads, delicious such as the one that sees them paired with shrimp, versatile, given the wide range of loans that may have in the kitchen, as the basis for the mix of hot bruschetta or velvety on which to lay the stuffed squid, as an enrichment for soups, soups and salads, or as a basic element of the dish, as in the recipe for cannellini with shrimp.
  • A natural concentrate of energy, antioxidants, dietary ingredients, regulators of cholesterol and diabetes, these legumes are, however, a bit 'difficult to cook. They can be cooked under pressure or in the famous pignatta.
  • Excellent all-purpose beans
  • Traditionally used for "Pasta e Fagioli"
  • Soaking time before cooking: 8 hours
  • Product of Italy