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5 easy BBQ

Winter is here: Time to dust your barbeques and try these five easy and delicious Italian recipes. Bel Paese has a long tradition of grilled food and here are some smart tips to easily get the most authentic flavours. With authentic Italian products and Casinetto’s quality ingredients, success is guaranteed. 

1: Polpo Arrostito (Roasted Octopus)

Frozen octopus is better for a barbecue because it is tender and easier to cook, giving it a superior texture. Once thawed, dip it into a marinade made of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice, and let it rest a couple of hours. Grill the octopus for a few minutes (depending on the size) on each side until charred and crisp on the edges.

You can also use a sliced octopus which is evenly cooked and is perfect with a ”panini” or some crunchy “lingue di suocera”. Complete your traditional Apulian menu with a fresh burrata.

2: Mazara alla Griglia (Grilled Mazara Shrimps)

Simple grilled shrimps are everything but simple when it comes to Gambero Rosso Mazara, the best seafood on earth. Once thawed, carefully dry the shrimps with a cloth and quickly grill them on both sides (avoid overcooking to keep them supple). The dressing is key here. Brush the shrimps with Casinetto’s extra virgin olive oil and season it with finely chopped garlic, salt and a pinch of parsley.

3: Pollo Arrosto (Roasted Chicken)

Can lean meat and barbecue be friends? Sure, if you properly manage the temperature and cooking time. To grill a delicious baby chicken you have to first grill the whole chicken for about two minutes on each side at 150-160 degrees. Complete the cooking at about 100 degrees (set embers aside and take advantage of reflected heat), turn the chicken every five minutes or so. This way, even the healthy lean meat of the chicken will remain tender.

Enjoy a true Italian taste by rubbing the chicken with salt and rosemary before grilling it, and serve with sliced roasted potatoes (almost no extra work with Casinetto’s frozen grilled potato wedges)

4: Salsiccia (Fresh Sausage)

Camping food par excellence and probably the most traditional ingredient for a rich “grigliata mista” (mixed grilled meat), fresh sausages are born for BBQ! As with other meats to grill, fresh sausage requires a little caution. Make sure you don’t pierce them, otherwise they’ll become too dry, don’t place them too close to the embers and turn them too often. Enjoy them with a few drops of balsamic vinegar of Modena.

5: Braciole di Agnello (Lamb Chop)

Marinate the lamb chops with a mix of extra virgin olive oil, minced rosemary, oregano, chopped garlic and lemon zest, and let them rest aside for a couple of hours. As usual with lean bbq meat, briefly grill it close to the embers to seal in the juices, then complete the cooking more gently. Two-centimetres thick lamb chops should take 8-10 minutes overall to cook.

Serve them with soft oven baked artichoke hearts, another traditional food of Sardinia. You don’t have to get your fingers dirty with our artichoke hearts seasoned with a mixture of garlic, minced parsley, salt and breadcrumbs. Artichokes are also delicious at room temperature, so you can bake them in advance. Enjoy the lamb chops the authentic Sardinian way with pane guttiau.

Buon Appetito!

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