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Discover our new range: Fiasconaro

Fiasconaro Pastry in Palermo (Italy)

The history of Fiasconaro is first of all the history of the Fiasconaro family.

The story of the famous Panettone created by the Fiasconaro family starts in the early 1950s in the small town of Castelbuona in Sicily.  The 3 Fiasconaro brothers:  Fausto, Martino and Nicola began helping their father, Mario, in his ice-cream shop and catering business.  

It was Nicola, who later became a talented pastry chef, who chose to interpret the traditional Northern Panettone recipe and give it a Mediterranean twist. He chose to use carefully-selected ingredients from Sicily such as pistachios, oranges, Modica chocolate, apricots, almonds and Manna delle Madonic (white syrup sap from Sicily) to enhance the Panettone recipes.

It was the success of these delicious sweet bread creations that transformed the Fiasconaro brand into an International sensation.

The 3 Fiascnoaro brothers continue the traditions of the delectable Panettone creations in Sicily with Fausto as the showroom manager, Martino as the head of administration and Nicola an award-winning pastry chef. Nicola recently received the title of Honorary Citizen for his role as ambassador of World Excellence in Sicilian Sweets. His social and economic commitment has also earned him an appointment among the 25 Knights of Labour for 2020 from the President of the Republic.

The brothers pride themselves with uncompromised quality and remaining true to their traditions.  Standards are set high with a never-ending search for ingredients that meet rigorous requirements from genuine craftsmen and with old-world flavours.  As the company grows with its success, it remains true to its measures of excellence set by their father many years ago.

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