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Spend Over Dhs. 150.00 to qualify for free delivery
Spend Over Dhs. 150.00 to qualify for free delivery

Your healthier home. Our healthier planet. Go Green.

Common commercial cleaners are loaded with toxic and polluting substances designed to make domestic life easier while ignoring the many downsides. The cost of these chemical-based home care products can be high, with long-term health concerns for your family and environmental pollution caused by their manufacturing and disposal processes.

Eating healthy is not enough. Think healthy for all your home care needs as well. While we use cleaning products daily, they have an impact on our health and the environment. If we safeguard our health, we also safeguard that of the planet. And it works both ways.

Are you still looking for reasons to make that switch? Here are 5 reasons that will help you decide:
1. A healthier home
Going eco with your home care products like detergents, surface cleaners, sanitisers and dishwashing accessories ensures that there are no chemicals absorbed into the skin or breathed while cleaning. The health benefits also extend to the family members who are free from the chemicals lingering in the air and sitting on surfaces.
2. Safer products
Conventional home care products pose a high risk of chemical burns to the skin and eyes. Using the best green cleaning products gives you the peace of mind of using products that meet strict guidelines and are safe for you, your family and the environment.

3. Purer environment
The world is your home and using eco products helps you contribute to the reduction of pollution. While minimizing the impact on ozone depletion and climate change with fewer smog-producing products. It is one step at a time towards a greener future. Most green products also use recycled packaging, which in turn reduces waste.
4. More knowledge about the ingredients
While following strict quality standards, eco-products bring to you the information of the ingredients used and along with that, peace of mind. Knowing what goes into the products you use can be very important, especially if you have an allergy to certain chemicals and ingredients.
5. A whole range of Eco Home Care products are now available at
Your favourite online grocery now launches a range of Eco Home Care products delivered right to your doorstep with free same-day delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the UAE. Our offering includes Eco Laundry, Eco Cleaning, Eco Dishes, Eco Gift Boxes and more.

The laundry range consists of washing powders, detergents, fabric softeners, detergents for delicates, wool and more. For your dishes, we have dishwasher liquids, powders and tabs along with dish soaps that are gentle on your hand. Home cleaning goes eco too with all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners and more. We also have a range of gift boxes in each category to share the love of 'Going Green' with your loved ones. These handpicked products are imported from Italy and exclusively available with Casinetto in the UAE. Produced with European quality standards and certifications, you will feel the difference with every use of these eco-friendly and sustainable products.

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