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The Finest Fruits and Veggies on Earth are European

Fruits and especially veggies are essential in any healthy diet, and the ripest and more nutritious, the better. And although today you can find these in every supermarket, the best agricultural products are grown in Europe, hands down.

So, what’s the value behind European produce? Are these veggies so much better than what we can find in our local grocery store? Read on and find out. There’s a reason the most exclusive restaurants in the world source their veggies from the most traditional farms around Europe — the produce is on another level. Now, you can enjoy them as well!

What’s the Difference Between Your Local Veggies and European Produce?

Although vegetables are all kind of the same everywhere, you should know that doesn’t mean they’re not different. The most significant difference between European vegetables and your local counterparts is simple — the philosophy behind them. 

In most parts of the world, fruits and vegetables are bred to resist pests and frosts. Tomatoes, for example, are harvested when they’re still unripe and are refrigerated until they’re delivered to the stores. They’re not nearly as flavorful as they could be, and that goes for the rest of the fruits and veggies grown worldwide.

In Europe, vegetables are bred for their flavour and texture, and they’re never harvested until they reach their fullest potential. This means everything, from tomatoes to eggplants and onions, is more flavorful, colourful and nutritious than what you can find in your local grocery store. 

Italian Tomatoes are In Season; You Know What That Means!

Talking about famous European veggies, we wouldn’t have Italian food without tomatoes, right? From steamy pasta tossed in marinara sauce to a thin pizza, tomatoes give Italian food vibrancy and colour. There are no better tomatoes than the Italian. 

Although you’ll find tomatoes in every supermarket, it only takes looking at the real thing to see how the ripe, lusciously red tomatoes from the Big Boot are on another level. And sure, you can buy Italian tomatoes in a can, but nothing beats holding a ripe, plumy Italian tomato in your hands. Are you ready to stock your fridge with the finest tomatoes in the world?

What Types of Tomatoes are Grown in Italy?

Not all tomatoes are created equal. Sure, Italian tomatoes are amongst the most coveted on the planet, but there’s more than one tomato in the Italian repertoire. 

Cherry Tomatoes. These beauties simply pop in your mouth with the most thrilling flavours. These are ideal for Caprese and other colourful salads. 

Piccadilly Tomatoes. This Italian variety is also small, but the red tomatoes are shaped like grapes. These are sweet and juicy and have thin skin — they’re a speciality in Southern Italy. 

San Marzano Tomatoes. The king of tomatoes, the most sought-after tomatoes in Italy, and source of the richest sauces. Only San Marzano tomatoes are allowed for making true Neapolitan Pizza. 

Camone Tomatoes. This exciting variety of Sardinian tomatoes is crisp and refreshing. The green hue these tomatoes show doesn’t mean they’re not ripe; they’re just beautifully tanned. 

Heartbeef Tomatoes. The old faithful, this bulky, rigged tomato might not be the prettiest on the bunch, but it’s amongst the most flavorful for sure. These meaty tomatoes make rich and thick sauces. 

Datterino Tomatoes. Our best seller, these Sicilian tomatoes, are small, flavorful and juicy. The name “Datterini” comes from “Dattero” (dates), and it’s because these beauties have the same shape and size as dates. These are incredibly versatile, and they’re summer favourites!

And this is just the beginning. Every Italian tomato has a story, and they can all elevate your cooking to new heights! Why not make authentic Italian tomatoes part of your life? They can be your secret ingredient. 

And Tomatoes Are Just One Example

Tomatoes are fantastic, especially when they’re of European quality, but there’s much more to fill your fridge with quality produce. Here are some of the tastiest European produce brought to you by Casinetto.

Eggplants. Tender eggplants to make Pasta Alla Norma or a lovely casserole. These vibrant veggies are as pretty as they’re tasty. Round violet eggplants or long Italian eggplants, there are several varieties to choose from. 

Onions. White and red European onions are known for their flavour intensity, and there are several other lesser-known varieties, including Borettane onions and smaller Red Braid onions. 

Peppers. The famous Friggitello green hot pepper is highly acclaimed for its mild sweetness and addictive spiciness. These are perfect for making arrabbiata. 

Zucchini. Round of long, Italian zucchini is legendary. Why not make an authentic minestrone soup or fill these juicy zucchinis with minced meat and cheese?

As you see, there’s a veggie to enhance your cooking to heavenly heights. Are you ready to enjoy Italian vegetables? Casinetto has the finest, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep!

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