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10 Famous Italian Cheeses to Know and Love

Italian food is comforting and attractively familiar, and it’s thanks to the country’s traditional ingredients. Amongst all the items in the Italian pantry, there’s no doubt cheese has a special place in our hearts. The ‘Big Boot’ has dozens of diverse types of cheese, and they all have different uses!

If you’re a home chef looking to level up your cooking, you must start with quality food, which means sourcing authentic Italian products. At Casinetto, you’ll find the best Italian and European products delivered straight to the UAE. Traditional ingredients, authentic flavours, always. 

Here are 10 famous Italian cheeses to know and love! Have you tried them all?

1. Parmigiano / Grana Padano

The most famous Italian cheese without a doubt is Parmigiano Reggiano. This hard cheese from Emilia Romagna or Lombardia, is made with unpasteurised cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of 12 months! Make sure you source yours from a reputable producer, like Gennari.

Grate Parmigiano cheese over a steamy bowl of pasta or add it to creamy sauces for a uniquely Italian taste. For a more affordable cheese or similar quality, explore the beautiful Grana Padano or Parmesan Hard cheese.

2. Burrata

Burrata is a unique Italian cheese made with cow’s milk, and it’s typical in Puglia, Southern Italy. 

Producers use rennet to curdle the milk and use the fresh cheese to form pouches. They then fill these round bags with “stracciatella” (mozzarella shred and fresh cream) and seal them, making burrata a gooey delight! Burrata is best enjoyed over a tossed salad, but it makes a lovely pizza topping, and it can also be part of modern preparations — its milky flavour is deliciously compatible with truffles! Amongst the best producers specialising in burrata, you’ll find Palazzo, which is exclusively found in Casinetto’s catalogue. 

3. Mozzarella / Buffalo mozzarella

Mozzarella is another famous Italian cheese, and it’s also popular in Central and Southern Italy. To make this stringy cheese, producers stretch the curded cow’s milk in a process known as pasta filata. The result is a stretchy cheese with an intense flavour that melts beautifully on casseroles! Some of the most traditional types of mozzarella are still made with buffalo milk, and they’re known as buffalo mozzarella.

4. Pecorino

Pecorino is an exciting Italian cheese made with sheep’s milk in Central Italy. Pecora means sheep in Italian, and the sheep’s thick, high-quality milk becomes semi-hard and hard cheese you can grate over pasta or cook with. 

You’ll find the finest pecorino straight from Forteto’s or Guffanti’s cheese cellars at Casinetto. This is as legitimate as pecorino gets! Pecorino is a wonderful alternative to Parmigiano. 

5. Provolone

Provolone is a delicious Italian cheese made with the pasta filata method but aged until intense and rich. 

Provola is the smaller type of Provolone. This tasty Italian cheese is often smoked. The cheese can be spicy, too, and it’s widely used for grilling.

6. Mascarpone

Now for a creamy Italian cheese, nothing beats pure mascarpone. If you’ve ever tried the outstanding tiramisu, you know what we’re talking about!

Mascarpone is made with fresh cream, from which producers remove the way to create a creamy cheese with many uses — it’s the star in many cheesecake recipes, for example. Still, mascarpone is used in sweet and savoury dishes, particularly in Northern Italy. For a lovely mascarpone made 100% with Italian milk, try Sterilgarda, a traditional producer with fifty years of cheese-making experience.

7. Gorgonzola

Gorgonzola is the most prominent blue cheese in the Italian repertoire. Blue veins and green spots, proper of well-aged cheese inoculated with Penicillium glaucum mould, make this type of cheese instantly recognisable. 

Gorgonzola’s crumbly texture, strong fragrance and salty flavour make it a lovely pizza topping or ravioli filling and a critical ingredient in cream pasta sauces. 

8. Stracciatella

Stracciatella means’ small shreds’, and it’s because this creamy Italian cheese is made with shredded curd cheese, often by mozzarella producers. Traditional producers, like Palazzo, still make the finest stracciatella with Cow milk. 

Buttery and creamy, flavourful and deliciously fresh, this is one of those Italian cheeses to enjoy during summer on a tossed salad. 

9. Stracchino

Not to be confused with stracciatella, stracchino is a Lombardy speciality, often labelled as ‘crescenza.’ This addictively soft cheese has a spreadable, creamy texture, and it’s made with the finest milk from Alpine cows. 

Stracchino has no rind, and it’s often pressed into blocks. It comes without saying a slice of this tender cheese is hard to forget. 

10. Ricotta

Ending on a high note, ricotta cheese is amongst the most attractive Italian products, and home cooks globally love it for its consistently extraordinary quality. 

Ricotta means ‘double-cooked’, and it’s because traditional producers, like Valle Verde, harvest high-quality whey during cheese production and curd it with an acidic ingredient. What you get is a buttery Italian cheese similar to cottage cheese. The best ricotta, of course, you’ll find only at Casinetto. 

Are you ready to get your hands on premium Italian cheese?

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