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Alce Nero is a company that has been committed to producing high-quality organic food products for over 40 years. Founded in Italy in 1977, Alce Nero's mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and support small-scale farmers. The company's name is inspired by the symbol of the European bison, or wisent, which represents strength, resilience, and the ability to adapt to change.

Alce Nero's products are made using only the finest ingredients sourced from organic farms in Italy and around the world. The company is committed to the principles of fair trade and ensures that all of its suppliers are paid a fair price for their products. Alce Nero's products are certified organic by the Italian control body for organic products, CCPB, and the European Union.

The company's product range includes a variety of high-quality food items, including olive oil, pasta, sauce, honey, and much more. Alce Nero's pasta is made using only 100% durum wheat semolina and is slow-dried to preserve its flavor and texture.

In addition to its commitment to quality, Alce Nero is also dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. The company's packaging is made from recyclable materials and is designed to minimize waste. Alce Nero is also a member of Slow Food, an international organization that promotes sustainable agriculture and supports small-scale farmers.

Overall, Alce Nero is a brand that stands for quality, sustainability, and a commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting small-scale farmers. Whether you're looking for high-quality food products or are committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability, Alce Nero is a brand you can trust.

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