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Meet our producers

Our producers are the reason we are able to do all this. They’re literal superheroes, amazing in every possible way.


Mulino Caputo is a renowned Italian flour company, established in 1924 in the heart of Naples. Founded by Antonio Caputo, the company's mission has always been to provide the highest quality flour to bakers and pastry chefs around the world. Over the years, Mulino Caputo has built a reputation as a leader in the flour industry, known for its unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality. At the heart of Mulino Caputo's success is its dedication to using only the finest ingredients and utilizing traditional Italian milling techniques. The company sources its wheat from the best local farms and mills it using slow, low-heat methods that preserve the wheat's nutrients and flavour. The result is a range of flours with a distinctive taste and texture, perfect for making everything from artisanal bread to delicate pastries. Mulino Caputo's flours have become a staple in professional kitchens and home kitchens alike, favoured by bakers and pastry chefs for their consistent performance and delicious results. Whether making pizza or pasta, cakes or cookies, Mulino Caputo's flours ensure a perfect result every time. The company is proud to continue Antonio Caputo's legacy and to bring the taste of Italy to bakers and food lovers everywhere.

Valle Verde

Caseificio Valle Verde is a brand that embodies the rich tradition and quality of Italian dairy production. Founded in the heart of rural Italy, Caseificio Valle Verde has been dedicated to producing some of the finest cheeses in the world, using only the best local milk and traditional techniques. The founder of Caseificio Valle Verde, Luigi Valle, grew up on a dairy farm and developed a passion for cheese-making at a young age. He went on to study the art of cheese-making in the most renowned cheese-making regions of Italy and then returned home to start his own dairy. Caseificio Valle Verde is now a family-owned business, with the second and third generations of the Valle family continuing Luigi's legacy of producing high-quality cheeses. The dairy uses only the freshest local milk and traditional techniques to craft its cheeses, and the result is a range of products that embody the taste and quality of rural Italy. From tangy Pecorino to creamy Gorgonzola, Caseificio Valle Verde's cheeses are enjoyed by cheese lovers all over the world. Whether you're a gourmet cook or just a fan of good cheese, Caseificio Valle Verde's products are sure to bring a taste of Italy to your table.



Villani is a family-owned and operated charcuterie company, founded in 1952 by the Villani family in the heart of Parma, Italy. With a passion for traditional Italian salumi-making techniques and a commitment to using only the finest, locally-sourced ingredients, Villani Salumi has established itself as a leader in the artisanal food industry. Generations of experience and expertise have gone into perfecting the company's recipes, which are still made using the same time-honoured methods passed down from the founder. Villani's cured meats, such as their signature Prosciutto di Parma, are carefully crafted and dried for months in the region's famous microclimate, resulting in a rich, savoury flavour that has made the company a staple in homes and restaurants around the world. Over the years, Villani has remained true to its roots, always placing a premium on quality and authenticity. The company is proud to continue the tradition of traditional Italian salumi-making and to bring the taste of Parma to food lovers everywhere. Whether enjoyed on their own or as part of a delicious charcuterie board, Villani's products are a true taste of Italy.



Caseificio Palazzo is a family-run cheese dairy, founded in the rolling hills of southern Italy over a century ago. The dairy has been passed down from generation to generation, preserving traditional cheese-making techniques and a deep respect for the land and its resources. Caseificio Palazzo prides itself on using only the freshest, highest-quality milk from local farms to make its cheeses. The dairy's cheesemakers take great care in every step of the cheese-making process, from the selection of the milk to the ageing and storage of the finished product. The result is a range of cheeses that are not only delicious but also deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of southern Italy. From creamy mozzarella to delicate burrata, each of Caseificio Palazzo's cheeses is a true expression of the region's terroir. Whether enjoyed on their own or as part of a cheese board, these cheeses bring the taste of southern Italy to tables around the world. The dairy is proud to continue its tradition of cheesemaking and to share the flavours of its heritage with cheese lovers everywhere.



Casar Srl is a unique canning industry located in Sardinia, established in 1962. As the only canning industry in the island, Casar transforms only the finest tomatoes grown in the fields of Sardinia, known for their intense and authentic taste. The intense flavor of Casar's tomatoes are the result of being wind-battered and sun-kissed, with the red hue of the sunset on the west sea. Their sweet and smooth taste appeals to and satisfies the palate, making Casar a symbol of Sardinian excellence for over 50 years. The company's success is a testament to its commitment to using 100% Sardinian tomatoes in its products. Casar products can also be found in various stores in Italy, as well as exported to countries like Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and in the UAE through Casinetto. Drawing on the experience of the world's leading Italian canning industry, Casar has combined ancient traditions of tomato cultivation in Sardinia dating back to the 1800s with modern techniques to produce high-quality tomatoes. The company's production plant, located in Serramanna, spans over 120,000 square meters, with 31,000 square meters covered. The production cycle is closely monitored and certified to ensure the quality and taste of its products remain consistent.



It was in the 1990’s when Giuseppe Bertone and his sons first surveyed the valleys that overlook Vinadio. Large, open spaces and plateaus framed by the majestic Maritime Alps: an authentic and uncontaminated environment surrounded only by nature. From here a mineral water, endowed with intrinsic qualities, due exclusively to its origins, sprang forth: the altitude of the springs, the purity of the air, and the formation of the granite rocks that naturally filter the water. The water and the Alps that surround Vinadio are the origins and also the inspiration for the colours and the Sant’Anna institutional world. Imagine being up there, where the purity of Sant’Anna Water has its source. Look up. The BLUE of a seemingly unreal, cloudless sky that you can only find in the mountains is dazzling. It is a clear and intense BLUE that meets the absolute brilliant white of the perennially snow-covered mountain tops. Breathe and lose yourself in the shades of green turned on by nature. Everything is enriched by the transparency and the numerous reflections of light on the water. These are the colours and the emotions found in the world of Sant’Anna Water: the good water that, in one sip, takes you from zero to 1950 metres and even higher, above the clouds. With a dedication to excellence and a passion for hydration, Sant'Anna remains the choice for anyone looking for the purest form of refreshment.


Alce Nero

Alce Nero is a company that has been committed to producing high-quality organic food products for over 40 years. Founded in Italy in 1977, Alce Nero's mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and support small-scale farmers. The company's name is inspired by the symbol of the European bison, or wisent, which represents strength, resilience, and the ability to adapt to change. Alce Nero's products are made using only the finest ingredients sourced from organic farms in Italy and around the world. The company is committed to the principles of fair trade and ensures that all of its suppliers are paid a fair price for their products. Alce Nero's products are certified organic by the Italian control body for organic products, CCPB, and the European Union. The company's product range includes a variety of high-quality food items, including olive oil, pasta, sauce, honey, and much more. Alce Nero's pasta is made using only 100% durum wheat semolina and is slow-dried to preserve its flavor and texture. In addition to its commitment to quality, Alce Nero is also dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. The company's packaging is made from recyclable materials and is designed to minimize waste. Alce Nero is also a member of Slow Food, an international organization that promotes sustainable agriculture and supports small-scale farmers. Overall, Alce Nero is a brand that stands for quality, sustainability, and a commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting small-scale farmers. Whether you're looking for high-quality food products or are committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability, Alce Nero is a brand you can trust.


Casinetto's Kitchen

Once upon a time in 2009, a group of passionate food enthusiasts came together with a mission to revolutionize the culinary scene in the UAE. They wanted to create something that would make every meal memorable, something that would help people experience the authentic, rich flavours of Italy and Europe right in their own homes. And so, Casinetto was born. From the very beginning, Casinetto's founder knew that the key to great cooking lies in using the right ingredients. And so, they made it their mission to source the very best food products from farmers, bakers, and artisans across Italy and Europe. With each ingredient carefully selected for its quality and authenticity, they knew they were on the right track. Over the years, Casinetto has built a reputation as a trusted partner for some of the UAE's most loved hotels and restaurants. Chefs across the country have come to rely on Casinetto's ingredients to bring their menus to life and inspire their culinary creations. And now, with Casinetto's Kitchen, you can bring those same vibrant flavours to your own kitchen. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, Casinetto's Kitchen offers skillfully crafted portions that make every meal memorable. With ingredients that are carefully sourced and expertly prepared, you can trust that each and every bite will be bursting with flavour. So, join us on our journey to transform the culinary scene in the UAE and make every meal an unforgettable experience. With Casinetto's Kitchen, the possibilities are endless.


Mulino Bianco

Mulino Bianco is an Italian bakery brand known for its delicious and high-quality baked goods. Founded in the heart of Italy, Mulino Bianco has been a staple in homes and cafes across the country for generations. At the core of Mulino Bianco's success is a commitment to using only the finest ingredients, sourced from local farms and suppliers. This dedication to quality is evident in every bite of their baked goods, from their flaky croissants to their crunchy biscuits. In addition to its traditional baked goods, Mulino Bianco is also known for its innovative flavours and designs. The company is constantly exploring new ways to bring new and exciting experiences to its customers, while still maintaining its commitment to quality and tradition. Whether enjoyed as a snack, a part of a meal, or as a special treat, Mulino Bianco's baked goods are sure to delight and satisfy. With a wide range of products and a commitment to excellence, Mulino Bianco is the go-to choice for discerning customers seeking the best in baked goods.

San Pietro a Pettine

San Pietro a Pettine, located in the heart of Italy's Umbria region, is a world-renowned estate known for its truffles. The Caporicci family, a truffle dynasty with a deep connection to the land, has run the property for three generations. Spanning over 700 acres of ancient woods and protected truffle grounds, the estate is centred by a stunning Romanesque parish church with 14th-century frescoes and early Christian artefacts. The breathtaking views of the valley between Assisi and Spoleto only add to the beauty of the property. The land of San Pietro a Pettine is renowned for producing some of the finest truffles in Italy, including the precious white truffles found along the Maroggia River and the sweet-scented black truffles from the highlands of Manciano, Ponze, and Pigge. For some, San Pietro a Pettine is considered a "place of the soul". The mystical atmosphere of the 13th-century church, the panoramic view of the Umbrian valley, and the feeling of being guided through the centuries-old woods and protected truffle grounds all contribute to this feeling. The intense, absolute black of the truffles, the mesmerizing design of their thin marble lines, and their unforgettable scent make San Pietro a Pettine a truly special place.



Salumificio Coccia is a brand that represents the traditional art of Italian meat processing. Their passion for quality and commitment to authenticity is reflected in their range of premium cured meats. These products are carefully crafted using time-tested techniques and only the finest ingredients, resulting in rich and flavorful offerings that stand out in quality and taste. At Salumificio Coccia, the preservation of the cultural heritage of Italian meat processing is highly valued. Experienced craftsmen use traditional methods to cure and preserve meats, ensuring the authentic taste and richness that's synonymous with the brand. Careful selection of ingredients is at the forefront of their approach, with each ingredient chosen for its impact on the final product. Quality is a top priority for Salumificio Coccia. Only the finest cuts of meat are hand-selected from trusted suppliers, ensuring the high standard of their offerings. The meats are cured to perfection, providing a balanced blend of flavour and richness in every product. Whether looking to add a touch of Italy to a charcuterie board or a restaurant menu, Salumificio Coccia offers a range of premium cured meats that will not disappoint.



Guffanti is a brand with a rich history, dating back over 150 years. The company was founded in 1865 in Milan, Italy and has since then become a leader in the production of high-quality Italian cheeses. With a passion for authenticity and a commitment to traditional methods, Guffanti has earned a reputation for producing some of the finest cheeses in the world. Over the years, Guffanti has honed its expertise and expanded its offerings, now producing a wide variety of cheeses including Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Gorgonzola, and more. The brand is dedicated to sourcing its milk from small, local farmers, ensuring that only the freshest, highest quality milk is used in its cheeses. In addition to its commitment to quality, Guffanti is also dedicated to sustainability. The company has implemented environmentally-friendly practices in its production process, such as reducing waste and using renewable energy sources. This commitment to sustainability, combined with its commitment to authenticity, has earned Guffanti recognition as a leader in the industry. Today, Guffanti's cheeses can be found in speciality food stores and gourmet markets around the world, where they are highly sought after by cheese connoisseurs and food lovers alike, brought to the UAE by Casinetto. Whether enjoyed on their own or as a part of a larger meal, Guffanti's cheeses are a true taste of Italy, rich in tradition and flavour.


De Nigris

De Nigris is a family-owned and operated company that has been producing high-quality food products for over 100 years. Founded in Italy in the early 1900s, De Nigris has a rich history of creating delicious and authentic Italian foods. The company was founded by a family of artisan food producers who were passionate about creating premium products that reflected the taste and tradition of their homeland. Over the years, De Nigris has expanded its operations and today produces a wide range of food products, including vinegars, condiments, and sauces. Despite its growth and success, De Nigris has remained true to its roots, using only the finest, all-natural ingredients in its products. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality and authenticity, ensuring that each and every product reflects the taste and tradition of Italian cuisine. At De Nigris, family values are at the heart of everything they do. The company is run by members of the De Nigris family, who work together to continue the legacy of their ancestors. From the farmers who grow the ingredients to the artisans who craft each product, everyone at De Nigris is dedicated to producing the best possible food products. Whether you're looking for a premium ingredient for your cooking or a delicious condiment to add to your meal, De Nigris has something for you. With a wide range of products to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect addition to your kitchen.



Mario Fongo is a baker from the small town of Rocchetta Tanaro in Piedmont, Italy. He is known as "Il panaté" to the locals, and his bakery is a place where delicious bread specialities are baked every day using genuine, traditional methods. Mario's passion for baking began in 1945 when the first village bakery was opened, and it has since been passed down to his family. Mario's love for baking led him to perfect the recipe for his famous Mother-in-Law's tongues in 1993, a crusty flatbread that has since become a popular brand worldwide. His other specialities include stirati stretched breadsticks and rubatà twisted breadsticks, all made with the finest ingredients and produced with the care and passion that only a family-owned business can provide. Today, the bakery is run by Mario's son Giovanni and his wife Marta, along with their daughters Sofia and Giulia. Giovanni joined the business in 2003 and has continued to expand the business and introduce new recipes to the product catalogue to meet growing market demand. The bakery still operates from Rocchetta Tanaro and all products are baked daily using the same traditional methods and quality ingredients that Mario used from the beginning. The secret to the quality of Fongo products is the use of top-quality Italian ingredients, sourced from controlled supply chains. The ingredients are simple: flour, water, oil, salt, and yeast, with no preservatives or additives. The choice of different flour blends and organic extra virgin olive oil that is entirely produced in Italy gives Fongo products a unique flavour and quality that has made them a favourite among customers worldwide. In conclusion, the story of Mario Fongo and his family is a testament to the passion, dedication, and sacrifice that can lead to great success. Their bakery is a true representation of the traditions of Italian bread-making and the love for good, wholesome food that has been passed down from generation to generation.



Orogel is a well-known Italian food company that has been producing high-quality frozen vegetables since the 1950s. With over 60 years of experience, Orogel has a long-standing reputation for delivering delicious and convenient frozen food products that make mealtime easier and more enjoyable. At Orogel, the focus is on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create its frozen vegetables. The company's state-of-the-art facilities allow for quick and efficient freezing, ensuring that each product retains its nutritional value, color, and flavor. This means that you can enjoy the taste and health benefits of fresh vegetables all year round, without having to worry about them going bad in the fridge. In addition to its frozen vegetables, Orogel also offers a wide range of other frozen food products, including fruits, soups, sauces, and ready meals. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy lunch option or a side dish for dinner, Orogel has something for every meal. At Orogel, the focus is on delivering quality, convenience, and affordability. The company is committed to providing its customers with the best possible products, and its products are available in supermarkets and grocery stores all over the world.



Barilla is a story of passion, tradition and innovation. Founded in 1877 by Pietro Barilla in Parma, Italy, the company started as a small bakery that supplied bread to the local community. Over time, the family-owned business evolved into a leading producer of pasta, creating products that are loved by families around the world. Barilla's heritage is deeply rooted in Italian culture and cuisine. The company is committed to using only the finest ingredients, including durum wheat semolina, to create pasta that has a unique texture and flavour. Every product is crafted with the same care and attention to detail as when Pietro first opened his bakery. Innovation is a key part of the Barilla story. The company was one of the first to introduce long-lasting pasta, making it possible for families to enjoy fresh pasta even when they couldn't make it from scratch. Today, Barilla continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of pasta, using cutting-edge technology to create products that are not only delicious but also nutritious. Barilla is more than just a pasta brand, it's a family. The company is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world, from supporting local communities to reducing its carbon footprint. With a passion for food and a commitment to sustainability, Barilla is a brand that families can trust and feel good about. In the end, Barilla's story is about a love for food, a respect for tradition, and a commitment to making a difference. It's a story that has been passed down from generation to generation and will continue to be told for many years to come.


Fiore di Puglia

The Fiore family's love for their land and for its gastronomic heritage has very deep roots that go back to1940, the year in which Cataldo Fiore, founder of what is now an established reality in Italy and abroad, builds and he starts a wood-burning oven in Corato, a city north of Bari that is still the headquarters of the company, where the population, even during the Second World War, used to go to bake their own bread. But you don't live on bread alone. Giuseppe, Antonio's son, knows this well, following his father in his business from an early age, so much so that he was fascinated by it and decided to make it his profession. He soon puts into practice his idea of ​​expanding the basket of products on sale at his father's bakery by adding to the by-now famous durum wheat flour and semolina bread, the production of tasty and many baked specialities such as dry biscuits, focaccia and taralli. Just the Tarallo, the flagship of the Fiore Panificio and of the whole of Puglia, will be the cornerstone of the Fiore di Puglia company that Giuseppe founded in 1990 and which he still leads with passion today together with his four children. The quality of their products is evident in the long list of satisfied customers, including Casinetto, who sell Fiore di Puglia products in the UAE. From a small bakery in the city centre to a thriving international company, Fiore di Puglia is a story of hard work, passion, and a commitment to preserving the traditions of the past while embracing the opportunities of the future.


Traiteur de Paris

For over 25 years, Traiteur de Paris has been leading the way in the French culinary world with their exceptional frozen food products. Their expertise and partnerships with renowned chefs and a network of over 600 food distributors have made them a global benchmark brand in the hotel and commercial catering industries. Their talent and commitment to using only the finest ingredients have earned them recognition for their sweet petits fours, savoury canapés, and top-of-the-range frozen desserts and cooked vegetables. Traiteur de Paris takes pride in their adherence to traditional French culinary techniques and their position as an expert in catering. Their desire to meet the demands of commercial catering has driven them to expand their offerings to include a wide range of frozen recipes, all of which are adapted to the unique requirements of the hotel and restaurant industries, and are designed for quick and easy preparation for room service. For those who appreciate the finest things in life, Traiteur de Paris offers an indulgent and sophisticated dining experience and is the perfect choice for special occasions.



Garbo is a company with a mission to deliver high-quality, traditional Italian cuisine to customers around the world. Their focus is on producing battered and breaded frozen products in accordance with the traditions of the Lazio Region. What sets Garbo apart from its competitors is its commitment to using natural ingredients without any chemical adjuvants. The company prides itself on sourcing raw materials from the plains of Agro Pontino, which allows them to have direct control over the quality of its supplies and significantly reduce the steps in the production chain. This ensures that customers receive products of the highest quality and taste. Garbo is also keenly aware of changing consumer trends and preferences. To stay ahead of the curve, they conducted market research on more than 2,000 customers. Their findings showed that the shape of the products influenced the cooking method adopted by consumers. Customers tended to prefer oven-baked products with a "squashed" shape, while spherical products were more likely to be fried. To meet the demands of their customers, Garbo expanded their product range to include new trend products for aperitif time. They launched "Happy Mix" and "Aperigarbo" miniature breaded products, which have quickly become popular with customers. Andrea Comanducci, founder and owner of Garbo, remains committed to investing in new products to meet the evolving tastes of their customers. With a turnover of 8.3 million Euros in 2014, the company has grown to become a leading producer of breaded and battered frozen products. They sell their products through the Horeca channel, retail chains, and private label production. Garbo's success is due to its dedication to using local raw materials and natural ingredients while continuing to produce traditional Italian cuisine. They produce 100 tonnes of battered and breaded products daily, with key products such as zucchini flowers being produced by hand. Garbo is a company that continues to prioritize quality and taste while keeping a keen eye on consumer trends and preferences.


Mamma Emma

Mamma Emma is more than just a brand of gnocchi; it is a story of tradition and craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations. Founded in 1992 by Adriano Bianco and Giovanni Favretto, the company has always had a love for good food, combined with technical training in engineering. This unique combination has given rise to the concept of industrial craftsmanship, where every stage of the production process follows the traditional recipe. In 2013, Mamma Emma was born, and with it, the originality of Italian dumplings was brought to over 15 countries on 5 continents. Today, Mamma Emma is proud to export its gnocchi to the world, while still holding onto its roots of tradition and craftsmanship. Mamma Emma's success is not only based on tradition but also innovation. With a continuous focus on quality control, new products, and technologies, Mamma Emma strives to stay ahead of the game. From creating and testing new products in its quality control laboratory to have a chef who works closely with the R&D department to create new recipes, Mamma Emma is always looking to bring something new to the table. Mamma Emma's commitment to quality starts with the selection of raw materials. Only the best varieties of potatoes are chosen, which are ideal for producing gnocchi of superior quality and consistency. Every day, Mamma Emma processes 15,000 kg of fresh potatoes, which are washed, selected, and steam-cooked with the skin to keep the organoleptic properties intact, peeled, and squeezed one by one. The attention to quality is expressed at all times, from the continuous dialogue with suppliers to the acquisition of internationally recognized certifications such as FSSC 22000, BRCGS, IFS, and ICEA. Mamma Emma's products undergo a pasteurization process that avoids microbiological contamination and makes the use of preservatives unnecessary. Mamma Emma's gnocchi is ideal for a genuine meal and is perfect for satisfying the whole family, providing a correct diet for the growth of children. Mamma Emma's dedication to tradition and craftsmanship, along with its commitment to innovation and quality, has made it a favourite among people worldwide who seek authentic Italian flavours.



Mustafa, a father of three, travelled to his hometown in Chicago with his family every summer. On their way back to Dubai, they always packed at least one suitcase of organic food for their kids. It was difficult for Mustafa to find quality organic food for his children in Dubai, and he wanted to change that. He founded Koita Milk in 2016, driven by his passion for healthy living and giving back to the community. For three years, Mustafa listened to thousands of parents in the region, trying to understand their desire for "clean milk" for their families. He used focus groups, social media, and other innovative techniques to design a customer-driven product that people wanted: milk free of pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives, with a healthy and long-lasting freshness. Koita milk had to have a clean, creamy, and fresh taste, and cows had to be treated nicely because happy cows make happy milk. Mustafa then searched for the best milk from the best cows on the best farms worldwide, looking at everything from the treatment of the cows to the environmental impacts of farm operations. After tasting milk from all over the world, he found the best milk of all on Italian organic, grass-fed cow farms. Koita milk is fortified with Vitamins A & D3, is Halal certified, and packed in convenient, environmentally-friendly Tetra-Pak (paper, not plastic) packages. The company delivers Koita milk with the lowest environmental impact possible, following strict organic certification regulations, while distributing everywhere in the Middle East, Asia & Africa. Mustafa's mission was to bring quality organic food to parents in the region, and with Koita Milk, he has done just that. He has created a brand that is not only dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious products but also environmentally conscious and socially responsible.



Agromonte is more than just a company; it's a family with deep roots in the land of Sicily. Carmelo and his wife, Ida, started the business in 1970 and turned their love for the land into a successful venture. Today, the business is run by their four children: Giorgio, Giusy, Marco, and Miriam, who has made one of the oldest Sicilian traditions, the preparation of ready-to-serve sauce, a product of excellence made in Sicily. Società Agricola Monterosso, located in Chiaramonte Gulfi, is a modern company that understands the importance of product quality. With up to 150 employees during peak seasons, the company produces thousands of units daily in various packaging types such as trays, jars of different sizes, and bottles. The company carefully selects the raw materials grown in its greenhouses, ensuring high-quality standards. From selecting the raw materials to communicating with the final consumer, Società Agricola Monterosso implements a series of initiatives to maintain rigorous quality standards. For Agromonte, the key to success lies in modernization and adherence to quality standards. The company is constantly improving its processes and selects raw materials daily to ensure the excellence of its products. Cultivating in a protected environment ensures the availability of raw materials all year round, and this commitment to quality is reflected in every step of the production process. For Agromonte, family and quality come first, making their products truly Made in Sicily.



In a world where the food we eat is often questionable in its nutritional value, flavour, and traceability, KRISPR Farms is leading the way in transforming agriculture. Instead of importing food from thousands of miles away, KRISPR is moving farms closer to the cities where the produce is eaten. This allows them to grow better tasting, more nutritious, and fresher food all year round, without the use of chemicals. KRISPR uses best-in-class global seed suppliers to ensure that everything starts from the seed. They use technology to create ideal climate conditions for each crop, which means that you can order their products year-round. They also use pure water for growing and recirculating it to the plants, generating more than 80% water savings. One of the most important things about KRISPR is that their greens are grown free from pesticides. They harvest to order, so you can be sure that you're getting the freshest crop every time. And, with their farm located in Dubai, you know exactly where your food comes from. KRISPR is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by reducing travel miles. From their farm to your plate, it's only a matter of hours, which means a significantly reduced carbon footprint. This commitment to sustainability and reducing their impact on the environment is a core value of the KRISPR brand. KRISPR is using the best elements of science and technology to cultivate nutritious, fresh produce that is free from pesticides (beyond organic). Their closed-loop water-saving nutrient systems and indoor environmental controls allow them to create the ideal conditions for plants to thrive, even in harsh conditions. By doing so, they are reversing nutritional decline and transforming the way we think about agriculture.



Koldfin is a company that is committed to providing customers with high-quality fresh and frozen fish products, while also prioritizing sustainability, food safety, and quality. Their dedication to excellence is reflected in every aspect of their business, from sourcing practices to rigorous testing and inspection procedures. Koldfin understands that sustainable fishing practices are essential for protecting the health of our oceans and ensuring the long-term viability of the seafood industry. To this end, they work closely with partners and suppliers to ensure that their fish is sourced responsibly and sustainably. They believe that by protecting our oceans and marine life, we can help to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the benefits of seafood products for years to come. In addition to sustainability, Koldfin is committed to food safety and quality. They understand that customers expect the best when it comes to seafood products, and they work hard to ensure that every product they sell meets the highest standards of safety, quality, and freshness. Their state-of-the-art processing facilities and rigorous testing and inspection procedures ensure that their products are safe, healthy, and delicious. Koldfin's commitment to sustainability, food safety, and quality is a reflection of its values as a company. They were founded based on the excellence required by one of the most important companies in the sale of sustainable fish: FRIME, The Sustainable Tuna Company. With FRIME's expertise and commitment to sustainable fishing practices as its guide, Koldfin is dedicated to delivering the best possible seafood products to its customers while also protecting the health and well-being of our oceans and our planet.

Zahra's Kitchen

Zahra’s Kitchen is a UAE-based frozen food brand that offers a range of traditional and modern Middle Eastern cuisine, founded by Zahra Abdalla. Zahra is a half-Iranian and half-Sudanese entrepreneur, cookbook author, and social media influencer, who started her culinary journey with an online blog in 2010. As a busy mom, Zahra understands the challenges of balancing work, family, and daily life. She learned simple hacks from her mother and grandmother on how to make food preparation easier, which inspired her to create a range of frozen food products that are both convenient and nutritious. All Zahra’s Kitchen recipes are handcrafted, made with real ingredients that are responsibly sourced and have no additives or preservatives. The brand is committed to being sustainable, environmentally conscious, and eco-friendly, and offers a range of products that cater to different dietary requirements, including meat-based, vegetarian and plant-based options. Some of their popular products include lamb kibbeh, beef sambusek, cheese & zaatar rolls, pumpkin kibbeh, musakhan rolls and falafel. Zahra Abdalla is a strong advocate of sustainability and the importance of being mindful of how we source, prepare and eat our food. Her passion for food and sustainability has led her to create a brand that reflects her values and beliefs. Zahra’s Kitchen is a proud UAE homegrown concept that is dedicated to making wholesome food without any fuss.


Artigiano del Gusto

Artigiano del Gusto is a brand that embodies the essence of authentic Italian cooking. Their commitment to traditional recipes and quality ingredients results in ready meals that bring the flavor of homemade Italian cuisine to your table. Ideal for families who are short on time but still want to enjoy a delicious and authentic meal, these ready meals are designed for busy individuals who want to enjoy the best of both worlds - quality and convenience. Artigiano del Gusto believes in the importance of tradition and the benefits of using time-tested recipes and carefully selected raw materials. The brand's chefs are passionate about their work and strive to bring Italian quality to every table with each meal they create. They understand that the key to a unique culinary experience is choosing the right ingredients, which is why they meticulously select each and every ingredient that goes into their ready meals. With a focus on quality, Artigiano del Gusto only uses the finest raw materials to create meals that are both delicious and nutritious. Their old-style recipes are crafted with care, ensuring that every meal is packed with flavor and goodness. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy dinner option, or want to bring the taste of Italy to your private label, Artigiano del Gusto is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a unique culinary experience.


De Cecco

The story of De Cecco pasta is one of tradition, passion, and innovation passed down from father to son for over 130 years. It all began in Fara San Martino, a small village in Abruzzo, Italy, where Don Nicola De Cecco produced the best flour in the surrounding countryside in his stone mill. He passed on his knowledge and passion to his son Filippo, who opened the De Cecco brothers' pasta factory in 1886, creating a low-temperature drying device that allowed for the pasta to dry regardless of weather conditions. With the combination of old craftsmanship, creative intuition, and technical insight, De Cecco pasta became synonymous with superior quality and authentic Italian taste around the world. In the 1900s, the iconic image of a country girl from Abruzzo carrying wheat stacks became the company's trademark, and after World War II, the company experienced rapid growth, with a new production plant built to replace one bombed by the Germans. In the 50s, a new pasta factory was opened in Pescara in response to increased demand, and in 1980, a modernized production unit was established in Fara San Martino, which doubled the production capacity. The company began creating its own sales and distribution network in 1985, responding to market evolution. The 90s saw important investments in the company, with a new mill capable of processing 1100 metric tons of wheat daily built in Fara San Martino, and the launch of the new Ortona plant in 1997, an example of innovation and advanced technology servicing the old tradition of pasta making. Despite the passing of time, the De Cecco brand remains synonymous with premium quality in the pasta world. The company's commitment to pass on, safeguard, and consolidate the Founder's original principles of production and quality, such as selected wheat, fresh semolina from the Molino, bronze plate drawing, low-temperature drying, and constant quality control, has remained unchanged. Every act of De Cecco today, as it was back then, comes from a deep passion and a tenacious search for perfection, starting from pasta and going forward. From father to son, since 1886, De Cecco has carried on an important responsibility, bringing the authentic pleasure of Italian cuisine all over the world.



Melegatti is an Italian bakery company that has been crafting delicious pastries and cakes since 1894. The story of Melegatti begins with Domenico Melegatti, a young entrepreneur who was passionate about baking and had a vision of bringing his delicious creations to people all over Italy. Domenico started small, baking his pastries in his family's kitchen and selling them at local markets. But his passion and skill quickly caught the attention of the wider community, and before long, Melegatti pastries became a staple in households throughout the region. Over the years, Melegatti continued to innovate and expand its offerings, introducing new flavors and products to meet the changing tastes of its customers. One of their most famous creations is the Pandoro, a traditional Italian Christmas cake that is similar to the Panettone, but without the fruit and nuts. Melegatti's Pandoro quickly became a favorite among Italians, thanks to its light, fluffy texture and delicate flavor. It wasn't long before Melegatti was exporting its delicious cakes to countries all over the world, from the United States to Japan. Despite its success, Melegatti has never lost sight of its commitment to quality and tradition. The company still uses the same time-honored recipes and techniques that have been passed down through generations, ensuring that every Melegatti pastry is a masterpiece of flavor and texture. Today, Melegatti is a beloved brand that is synonymous with quality, tradition, and innovation. Whether you are enjoying a classic Pandoro or one of their many other delicious products, you can taste the passion and dedication that has been a part of Melegatti's story for more than a century.



Sterilgarda is a brand with a rich history that dates back to the fabulous 1960s. With the emergence of new technologies, Sterilgarda saw an opportunity to revolutionize the food industry. In 1969, Sterilgarda Alimenti was founded in Castiglione delle Stiviere with a mission to create a new way for millions of consumers to enjoy safe and economical milk without losing its nutritional and organoleptic values. The company's pioneering spirit and focus on dairy products led to the creation of UHT milk, which was a game-changer in the industry. Sterilgarda's success in the dairy sector paved the way for the company to expand its product range and focus on other products such as fruit juices, smoothies, UHT mascarpone and fruit desserts. The heat treatment and long shelf life of these products make them perfect for export to far-off countries. Sterilgarda has always been at the forefront of innovation, investing in the best production machinery to support its growing product range. Today, the company has 31 production lines for milk, juices, and cooking cream, 4 production lines for yoghurt and pudding, and 10 production lines for mascarpone, ricotta, and spreadable cheese. Sterilgarda's commitment to using only the best raw materials and production processes has made it a trusted brand in the food industry. With a passion for excellence, Sterilgarda continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the food industry, offering its customers the very best in quality, taste, and convenience.



Fiasconaro is a Sicilian pastry and bakery company that has been crafting artisanal sweets since 1953. The story of Fiasconaro begins with three brothers, Fausto, Martino, and Nicola, who inherited their father's passion for baking and decided to start their own pastry shop in their hometown of Castelbuono, Sicily. The brothers began by making traditional Sicilian pastries, such as cannoli and cassata, using only the finest local ingredients. As their reputation grew, they expanded their offerings to include cakes, biscuits, and other sweets. But they never lost sight of their commitment to quality and authenticity. In the 1990s, Fiasconaro entered a new era of innovation and experimentation under the leadership of the next generation of family members. They began to incorporate new flavours and techniques into their recipes, drawing inspiration from their travels and from the rich culinary traditions of Sicily. One of their most famous creations is the Panettone, a traditional Italian sweet bread that is typically eaten during the Christmas season. Fiasconaro's Panettone is unlike any other, featuring unique ingredients like pistachios from Bronte. Today, Fiasconaro is a beloved brand that is known for its commitment to quality and tradition, as well as its willingness to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of pastry and baking. Whether you are enjoying a classic Sicilian treat or one of their innovative creations, you can taste the passion and creativity that have been a part of Fiasconaro's story since the very beginning.

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