In the late 80s, a pioneering venture known as Caviar Import emerged as a standout in the import and distribution of caviar, gradually evolving into a key player in the industry. With time, it solidified its position as one of the largest global producers of caviar and proudly claimed the title of the largest Italian producer of Beluga Caviar.

As the awareness of the sturgeon's vulnerability grew, Caviar Import embraced a profound commitment to the preservation and protection of this species through responsible breeding practices. Spanning 20 acres of farms, boasting three generations of aquaculture expertise, and backed by 30 years of rich history in the world of caviar, they became synonymous with selecting the finest international varieties while proudly contributing to the production of Italian caviar.

At the heart of this legacy is the Caviar Master, Renzo Zanin, whose journey in the realm of Italian caviar commenced in 1997 with the inaugural production of caviar from sturgeon bred in Italy. Renzo Zanin, the trailblazing Caviar Master, has since ascended to the pinnacle of caviar expertise globally. His meticulous selection process, precise salting techniques, and unwavering commitment to quality assurance at every stage of production result in each product bearing the unmistakable mark of excellence. In the hands of Renzo Zanin, the legacy of Italian caviar continues to flourish, embodying the perfect fusion of tradition, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to the delicate art of caviar production.

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