Liveg is a pioneer in the world of plant-based cuisine, dedicated to organic and veg-centric food since its establishment in 1991. Founded by Massimo Santinelli, Biolab in Gorizia was one of Italy's first companies to specialize in plant-based organic fare, inspired by the health benefits of macrobiotic and vegetarian cooking.

From the outset, Liveg's commitment to using locally sourced and organic ingredients set them apart. Their ingredients, often from their farm or local farmers who shared their ethos, laid the foundation for collaborations with organic distributor Ecor, known for NaturaSì and CuoreBio shops.

In 2010, Liveg organized the Vegetarian Festival, drawing over 5000 attendees to Gorizia. The festival's success led to the renaming of the street housing their headquarters to "Via dei Vegetariani," a rare honour that reflected their impact. In 2017, Liveg transformed Gorizia's former municipal slaughterhouse into its third plant, marking a remarkable shift and symbolizing its commitment to a sustainable future.

Today, Liveg's journey aligns with Italy's surge in organic farming and the rise of plant-based proteins. Their story stands as a testament to pioneering change in both culinary culture and societal values.

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