Montosco was born from the belief that experiencing a flavour means more than just tasting it. It means understanding the journey that flavour has taken to reach our tables and the benefits it can bring to our lives. That's why Montosco is committed to bringing the flavours of nature to life in every dish.

Montosco's products are simply 100% natural. They believe that the fruits of nature provide us with the flavours, aromas and beneficial properties we need to thrive. That's why Montosco is committed to preserving the quality and nutritional characteristics of every single herb and spice they produce.

To achieve this, Montosco has created a controlled supply chain and built a production plant near the fields where their herbs and spices are grown. This allows them to reduce the time between harvesting and processing to just 24 hours, ensuring that the flavours and nutrients are preserved.

Montosco is dedicated to working with local farmers and professional agronomists to ensure that every product is of the highest quality. They carefully select their suppliers from around the world, searching for the best raw materials and checking them thoroughly before they become part of the Montosco family.

Montosco's commitment to respect, authenticity, and transparency is evident in everything they do. They control their supply chain so that their herbs and spices can go from field to table while telling their story. This dedication to quality and transparency is what sets Montosco apart and has made them a trusted name in gourmet products.

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