Welcome to Novi, the sweetest brand in Italy, where sweetness takes on many delightful forms.

In 1982, businessman Flavio Repetto had a vision, and thus, Elah Dufour Novi came to life. This brand is an integral part of the Italian confectionery industry, boasting a legacy of excellence. Every delectable creation from Novi proudly carries the mark of Italian craftsmanship, originating from their three state-of-the-art factories in Novi L. (Alessandria), Bra (Cuneo), and Sassello (Savona).

At the heart of Novi's mission is a commitment to crafting high-quality chocolates and melting chocolate, all at an equitable price, while preserving Italy's cherished traditions. They leave no room for compromise when it comes to sourcing raw materials. From cocoa beans to hazelnuts, almonds, milk, sugar, and original fruit juices, every ingredient is meticulously chosen and subjected to stringent quality checks upon arrival at their factories.

This unwavering dedication extends to every finished product, ensuring consumers can savour Novi's creations confidently. Novi's commitment to excellence, respect for tradition, and stringent quality controls make it a brand that embodies the essence of Italian sweetness in every bite.

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