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In 1999, Silvia and Pierluca, strangers until fate brought them together in a delivery room on November 20th, became the unwitting architects of Officina Naturae. Their children's birth marked the beginning of an incredible journey. Four years later, they joined the Solidarity Purchase Group of Rimini, a pivotal step that would eventually lead to the birth of Officina Naturae. Disenchanted by vague answers from producers about the ecological integrity of household detergents and cosmetics, they vowed to create their own.

Officina Naturae officially sprouted its roots in 2005, operating from a modest garage brimming with dreams and ideals but devoid of customers. Through engagements with Italian purchasing groups and organic consumption fairs, the brand began to gain recognition. A sleepless night in 2005 sparked a game-changing idea when Pierluca conceptualized the versatile use of Citric Acid, a move that would set new industry standards for eco-friendliness.

Over the years, Officina Naturae relentlessly pursued sustainability, reducing packaging waste with innovative solutions like flexible bags and eco-designed bottles. They pioneered the SOLARA household cleaning line, employing Italian-sourced raw materials and recycled plastics. In 2011, they transformed an ageing shed into an eco-friendly headquarters, solidifying their commitment to green practices. The subsequent years brought innovative product lines, including Ultragentle cosmetics, BIRICCO for children, and the game-changing CO.SO. Solid Cosmetics, a plastic-free revolution. In 2020, the pandemic challenged the brand to develop skin-friendly sanitizing products.

Officina Naturae's story epitomizes a tireless pursuit of sustainability, innovative product development, and unwavering commitment to environmentally responsible practices. Their journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of conscious consumer choices and a resolute dedication to creating a greener, healthier world, one eco-friendly product at a time.

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