San Pietro a Pettine

San Pietro a Pettine, located in the heart of Italy's Umbria region, is a world-renowned estate known for its truffles. The Caporicci family, a truffle dynasty with a deep connection to the land, has run the property for three generations. Spanning over 700 acres of ancient woods and protected truffle grounds, the estate is centred by a stunning Romanesque parish church with 14th-century frescoes and early Christian artefacts. The breathtaking views of the valley between Assisi and Spoleto only add to the beauty of the property.

The land of San Pietro a Pettine is renowned for producing some of the finest truffles in Italy, including the precious white truffles found along the Maroggia River and the sweet-scented black truffles from the highlands of Manciano, Ponze, and Pigge.

For some, San Pietro a Pettine is considered a "place of the soul". The mystical atmosphere of the 13th-century church, the panoramic view of the Umbrian valley, and the feeling of being guided through the centuries-old woods and protected truffle grounds all contribute to this feeling. The intense, absolute black of the truffles, the mesmerizing design of their thin marble lines, and their unforgettable scent make San Pietro a Pettine a truly special place.

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