Avocado Fuerte

Various producers


Country of Origin: Kenya


AED 3.51

Experience the unparalleled richness of Fuerte Avocado, renowned for its smooth, easily-peeled skin and dense, creamy, pale green flesh with a delightful hazelnut-like flavour. Named "Fuerte" for its resilience in the face of a historic freeze, this avocado is a nutritional powerhouse and a true culinary delight.

    • Fuerte Avocado offers a dense, creamy, and slightly oily texture with rich, nutty flavour notes, setting it apart as a top-tier avocado variety.
    • Loaded with essential nutrients, it contains more protein, potassium, vitamins, and beneficial monounsaturated fats like oleic acid.
    • Since Fuerte avocados don't ripen on the tree, ripen them at home to enjoy their exquisite flavour and texture exactly as you desire.
    Fuerte Avocado
    Halal: Yes
    Lactose Free: Yes
    Organic: No
    Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
    Suitable for Vegan: Yes
    Gluten Free: Yes

    To ensure ideal ripeness, store unripe Fuerte avocados with an apple or banana in a brown paper bag, a method that accelerates the ripening process and guarantees perfection. Once ripe, refrigerate to extend its shelf life.

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