Coffee Classico Nespresso Compatible Capsules 10pcs


1 Pack (10Pieces)Country of origin: Italy
AED 21.15
Product Information

Classico is the blend for those who love the typical Italian espresso. It is obtained thanks to the skilful combination of Arabica from the Brazilian highlands and fine Robusta from India, Africa and the Far East. 

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our espresso blends come from high-quality coffee from various sources. We use strict quality control to ensure products are within our standards. No acidity and no sour taste. Contains all the aroma, a velvety body, and hints of dried and toasted fruit.
  • INTENSITY 9: A careful selection of 55% Robusta beans meets a selected percentage of 45% Arabica beans: BONDIE "CLASSICO", a perfect balance of aromas, for an exclusive blend ideal for any time of the day.
  • 100% RECYCLABLE: Espresso aluminium capsules are fully recyclable and are produced from excellent raw material with guaranteed coffee freshness. We offer a variety of recycling options for your used aluminium coffee pods to fulfil our collective commitment to protecting the environment.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our motive is to bring high-quality products, a true Italian Espresso coffee, to our customers, we always produce something with high-quality service.


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Halal: Yes