Juice Lime & Ginger Organic

Bio Piu

1 Piece (500ml)Country of origin: Italy
AED 14.76
Product Information
Organic Lime & Ginger Juice is processed using fresh Lime and Ginger and packed within a few hours. This provides not only the benefit of drinking an all-organic and pure fruit juice but also provides a range of vitamins. Contains organic sugar and no added preservatives.
  • It is a perfectly refreshing drink that can be enjoyed by everyone, perfect to boost immunity because it contains essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Made with only the finest organic ingredients, the juice is 100% natural and free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.
  • Lemon and ginger juice aids you in weight loss and lowers your cholesterol level.
*apple juice from concentrate, *lime juice from concentrate 21%, *ginger juice 1%. *Organic
Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: Yes
Organic: Yes
Storage & prep
Keep in a cool (20-25°C) and dry place, away from light and heat
Before opening check the integrity of the cap.
Once opened keep refrigerated and drink in 2-3 days