Sea Salt Chips Alfredo's Hand-cooked (150g)

Amica Chips

PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 14.43
Product Information

The Salt Chips Gluten Free are unique and refined snack product, the flavour of home cooked chips: golden, thick and crunchy as in the best tradition of home cooking. Perfect for sharing with friends for a party or before a meal.

About the Product

  • Hand cooked, they will win you over when you try them with their unmistakable crunchiness that sets this snack apart
  • Enjoy the crisps with sea salt anytime you want, and share them with your friends together with an aperitif
  • The "Alfredo's Salt Chips Gluten Free" by Amica Chips are homemade crispy potato chips in the traditional way
  • Gluten Free
  • Net Weight 150 grams
  • Made in Italy
Potatoes, Sunflowe Seed Oil, Salt(1.3%), Gluten Free