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Prosciutto Cotto Cooked Sliced - Pork


1 Piece (100g)Country of origin: Italy
AED 16.50
Product Information

The entire leg is cut, trimmed and then syringed to introduce all the ingredients and massaged in a churn for about 20 hours at a temperature of about 3° C. Once the salt and the aromas are absorbed deep into the layers, the leg is placed inside a mould, sealed and cooked in a steam oven for about 12 hours through various stages of different temperatures that ensure the elimination of unwanted bacterial flora. The product, once cooked and cooled, is removed from the mould, freed from the protective wrapping, vacuum-packed in an aluminized bag, pasteurized, sliced, vacuum-packed, labelled and ready for commercialization.

  • Produced with premium high-quality pork legs and infused with traditional pork flavourings. The process gives this cured meat the perfect amount of moisture, tenderness.
  • A treasured Italian product made in the Italian factory to give us a delicacy made from the finest cuts.
  • With a sweet and fascinating taste, it is ideal for an Antipasto platter or a panino.

Pork meat (96%), salt, flavours (meat flavours), natural flavours (coriander), spices(rosemary, cumin, star anise, mace, garlic, fennel, pepper, nutmeg, cloves, laurel, cinnamon, juniper berries, basil) antioxidant: E301, preservative: E250



Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy (kJ): 543
Energy (kcal): 129
Protein (g): 23
Carbohydrate (g): 0.5,
of which sugars (g): 0.5
Fat (g): 4.1,
of which saturates (g): 1.6
Salt (g): 1.6
Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: No
Lactose Free: Yes
Organic: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: No
Suitable for Vegan: No
Gluten Free: Yes

To be refrigerated at 0-4°C

Prosciutto cotto is cooked ham that can be used in a variety of dishes. It's great for sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, quiches, frittatas, pizza toppings, appetizers, breakfast dishes, and charcuterie boards. Its salty and savoury flavour adds a nice touch to many recipes.


Mortadella with Pistachio PGI Sliced - Pork
Mortadella with Pistachio PGI Sliced - Pork
Simonini - Italy
1 Piece (100g)
AED 15.0

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