Classica Pizza Patate

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15m prep

20m cook

2 servings

Difficulty: Easy


  • Casinetto's Pizza Dough
  • Cooking Cream
  • Cow Mozzarella
  • Red Cherry Tomatoes
  • Smoked Mozzarella Cheese
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Rosemary from Italy
  • Sicilian White Salt
  • Bresaola Punta D'Anca Gold PGI Sliced
  • Crushed Black Peppercorn
  • Agria Potatoes
  • Semola Durum Wheat Flour


  1. Let's start with thinly slicing the Agria potatoes.
  2. Then, prepare a baking tray and generously drizzle extra virgin olive oil over the sliced potatoes.
  3. Add some salt and rosemary to the mixture, and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.
  4. Next, take the dough and lay it out on a floured surface. Use your fingers to make indentations all over the surface.
  5. Pour some cooking cream onto the dough and spread it out evenly.
  6. Add the previously roasted potatoes on top of the cream.
  7. Now, it's time to add some sliced cow mozzarella block and smoked cheese mozzarella. Put the pizza in the oven at 380 - 390 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes.
  8. Once done, remove the pizza from the oven and garnish it with Bresaola Punta, fresh cherry tomatoes, rosemary, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy your delicious pizza!

Buon Appetitio!


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