Black Tiger Shrimp Whole Colossal Frozen ∼5pcs

Various producers

1 Piece (1kg)

Country of origin: India/Vietnam


AED 104.48

The colossal Shrimp Black Tiger with its head & shell on, scientifically known as Penaeus monodon, is a remarkable crustacean commonly referred to as the giant tiger prawn or Asian tiger shrimp. This particular variety of shrimp is recognized for its impressive size, often growing to remarkable dimensions and the distinctive dark stripes that adorn its tail. It is a species that has captivated the palates of seafood enthusiasts worldwide due to its delicious taste and versatility in various culinary applications.
One of the key characteristics that set the Shrimp Black Tiger HOSO Colossal apart is its head-on, shell-on (HOSO) presentation, which ensures the preservation of its natural flavours and textures. The head-on aspect of these shrimp makes them ideal for enhancing the depth of flavours in dishes, while the shell-on nature helps lock in moisture, making them perfect for grilling and retaining their succulence during cooking.
  • Originating from the Indian Ocean and western Pacific regions (Indo-West Pacific), the Shrimp Black Tiger HOSO Colossal thrives in warm waters and is well-adapted to the coastal habitats of its native range. This natural habitat contributes to the shrimp's unique flavour profile and overall quality, characteristics that are preserved through responsible farming practices.
  • Due to its delectable taste and exceptional size, the Shrimp Black Tiger has become a favourite among discerning diners and top-tier chefs alike. Its availability in fine dining establishments allows gourmet enthusiasts to experience the pinnacle of seafood enjoyment, savouring the rich flavours and succulent textures that make this shrimp so special.
  • Shrimp Black Tiger can elevate pasta dishes to new heights of flavour. Sauteed with garlic, shallots, and cherry tomatoes, the shrimp infuses the sauce with its distinct seafood essence. The head-on, shell-on presentation enhances the depth of flavours and allows the sauce to develop a rich umami taste.

Black tiger shrimp

Crustaceans and sulphites. May contain fish and molluscs.

Halal: Yes
Lactose Free: Yes
Organic: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: No
Suitable for Vegan: No
Gluten Free: Yes

Box and plastic bag.

Box and plastic bag.

It should be thawed in the refrigerator overnight, preferably at a low temperature. Do not refreeze once thawed.

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Black Tiger Shrimp Whole Extra Large Frozen ∼10pcs

Black Tiger Shrimp Whole Extra Large Frozen ∼10pcs

Various producers - India/Vietnam

1 Piece (1kg)

AED 80.57


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