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Grissini All'Acqua


1 Piece (200g)Country of origin: Italy
AED 23.75
Product Information
The classic breadsticks are stretched breadsticks without lard that is made with water, flour, salt, yeast, milk and 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil. Because good food and tradition can also go hand in hand with lightness, Mario Fongo has created this version of his breadsticks by maintaining all the flavour, and by harmoniously blending all the other ingredients. With their unmistakable fragrance, they match perfectly with everything. 
  • All Natural 100%, no preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial sweeteners and no hydrogenated oils
  • Especially those with an aversion to gluten. We want them to have the perfect taste of the most popular snacks and comfort food.
  • Ideal with curd, cheese or plain as a snack.
Type "00" Soft Wheat Flour, Water, Natural Yeast, Salt, and Malt. May Contain Milk, Sesame, Seeds And Nuts
Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: Yes
Organic: No


Grissini without Lard
Grissini without Lard
Fongo - Italy
1 Piece (200g)
AED 23.75
Lingue di Suocera Classic
Short Expiry
AED 8.24AED 20.6

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