Panettone Dolce&Gabbana Citrus & Saffron


1 Piece (100g)Country of origin: Italy
AED 50.79AED 67.72
Product Information

A delightful collaboration between the creativity of Dolce & Gabbana and the confectionery artistry of Fiasconaro results in a unique recipe: the typical Milanese panettone, revisited with the flavours of Sicily. The shared ingredients of this extraordinary union between North and South are respect for tradition, the courage to experiment, the quest for perfection and the pursuit of beauty. However, it is above all a love for artisanal production, entirely ‘Made in Italy,’ that brings together the highest expressions of fashion and pastry.

  • A unique recipe with tender candied lemons, orange and mandarins combined with saffron give the dough an intense and unmistakable flavour.
  • The colourful cylindrical tins continue to be the special packaging for this 100g panettone.
  • Proudly Italian, it is distinguished by high-quality ingredients and crafty leavening to sweeten every Christmas celebration.

Note: The product will be one of the assorted designs shown with the same delicious panettone inside.

Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: Yes