Pork Capocollo (Loin) Nonno Nazzareno


1 Piece (700g)

Country of Origin: Italy


AED 44.11

AED 88.21

Savour Italy's finest with Nonno Nazzareno's Pork Capocollo. A masterpiece of tradition, this artisanal delicacy, crafted from prime pork loin, embodies Old World flavours and aged to perfection. Ideal for antipasto or charcuterie, it's a culinary essential.

  • Nonno Nazzareno's Pork Capocollo embodies the rich, time-honoured tastes of Italy, a culinary treasure for food enthusiasts.
  • Made from select cuts of pork loin, our Capocollo boasts a delightful balance of lean meat and delicate marbling.
  • Each piece is meticulously aged, enhancing its texture and deepening its flavours, making it a must-have for your charcuterie experience.
    Pork, salt, garlic, natural seasoning and spices
    Halal: No
    Lactose Free: Yes
    Organic: No
    Suitable for Vegetarians: No
    Suitable for Vegan: No
    Gluten Free: Yes
    Store in the refrigerator at 4°C

    Vacuum bag

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