Aristeo Cheese with Olives


1 Piece (330g)Country of origin: Italy
AED 42.05
Product Information
Argiolas Formaggi is the best goat and sheep cheese producer for over 60 years. The cheese is obtained from the Italian island of Sardinia and is made from sheep milk from the local Sardinian breed.  This aristeo cheese is obtained from the sweet milk of sheep that are naturally fed. The addition of olives in cheese makes its taste unique and flavourable. 
  • Fresh cheese from sheep’s milk. The texture is soft, elastic and coloured white and greenish due to the addition of olives.
  • This is best for pizza because you can get the taste of both cheese and olives at the same time with this cheese.
  • Edible rind and also small in size. The minimum riping age is 10 days.
  • Suitable for different types of pasta.
Sheep’s Milk, Olive (olive, water, salt, antioxidant L acid– Ascorbic) 5%, parsley, salt, pepper, rennet, milk ferments.

Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: Yes