Gelato Sticks Gruvi Pistacchio Frozen 60g x 4pcs


1 Piece (240g)

Country of Origin: Italy


AED 36.25

Introducing Gruvi Pistacchio Gelato Sticks by Sammontana, a delightful frozen treat combining creamy gelato and pistachio goodness. Indulge in vanilla-flavored gelato, swirled with pistachio paste, chopped pistachios, and crunchy cookies.
  • Each stick weighs 60g and comes in a convenient pack of 4, perfect for enjoying individually or sharing.
  • Sammontana is renowned for its high-quality ice cream and frozen desserts, ensuring a delicious and satisfying frozen treat experience.
  • A convenient and tasty dessert or snack option, especially during warm weather when you crave something cool and refreshing.

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Rehydrated skimmed milk - Pistachio coating (28%)(Sunflower seed oil, Sugar, Sal fat, Pistachios 5%, Whole milk powder, Dried skimmed milk, Whey powder, Lactose, Coconut oil, Emulsifier: sunflower lecithins, Salt, Colourings: anthocyanins, carotenes, Natural flavouring) - Pistachio filling (10%)(Sugar, Peanut oil, Pistachio mass 15%, Dried skimmed milk, Emulsifier: soya lecithins, Salt) - Sugar - Glucose syrup - Pistachio pieces (3%) - Coconut oil - Butter - Biscuit pieces (2%)(Wheat flour, Sugar, Whole wheat flour, Butter, Inverted sugar syrup, Dried skimmed milk, Raising agents: sodium carbonates, ammonium carbonates, Salt, Natural vanilla flavouring) - Milk proteins - Emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids - Stabilizers: sodium alginate, locust bean gum - Flavouring.

May contain eggs, other nuts and mustard.

Milk & products thereof, nuts and wheat (gluten)
Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy (kJ): 1712
Energy (kcal): 411
Protein (g): 5
Carbohydrate (g): 34,
of which sugars (g): 31
Fat (g): 28,
of which saturates (g): 9.8
Salt (g): 0.33
Halal: Yes
Lactose Free: No
Organic: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Suitable for Vegan: No
Gluten Free: No

Store at -18°C

Box with 4 individually packaged gelato sticks

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Sammontana - Italy

1 Piece (240g)

AED 36.25