Grass-fed Beef Burger from Argentina 130g x 2pcs

Casinetto's Butchery


Country of Origin: Argentina

AED 16.83

AED 18.7
Indulge in the mouthwatering delight of a fresh beef burger, meticulously crafted with Argentinean Ground beef. This premium ingredient is made from the finest cuts of beef, ensuring an unparalleled taste experience. The beef is sourced exclusively from the renowned grass-fed Bradford breed. With its exceptional growth capabilities, the Bradford breed has earned its place as one of the most coveted in the industry, thriving even in the harshest of conditions. The richness of flavour stems from the superior quality of the beef and the expert grinding and blending of various cuts of meat, resulting in a burger that is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • One bite will transport you to a carnivore's paradise, as the fresh beef burger tantalizes your taste buds with its delectable and savoury essence. The high-quality grass-fed beef used in its creation guarantees an unparalleled taste that is second to none.
  • Not only does this burger offer an explosion of flavour, but it also provides a rich source of protein, making it a wholesome and nutritious choice. Each bite is a step towards meeting your dietary needs while indulging in a culinary masterpiece.
  • Whether you prefer classic burgers with all the fixings or want to experiment with unique flavour combinations, this exceptional ingredient will elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

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Argentinian beef
Halal: Yes
Lactose Free: Yes
Organic: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: No
Suitable for Vegan: No
Gluten Free: Yes

Keep the item refrigerated at a temperature range of 0 to 4° C.

  • Ignite the fire and maintain a medium-high flame for approximately 5 minutes, ensuring that the plate or grill becomes hot.
  • Position the burgers on the hot surface and cook them over medium-high heat for 4 minutes on each side.
  • Once cooked, remove the burgers from the heat.
  • Before serving, lightly season the burgers with a sprinkle of salt.
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