Spirali Gluten-free Organic 340g


1 Piece (340g)

Country of Origin: Italy


AED 22.75

Spirali Gluten-Free Pasta from the Farabella is a perfect fusion of dietary inclusivity and culinary excellence. Crafted from a combination of carefully selected corn and rice flour, these spirals cater to gluten-sensitive individuals without compromising on taste or texture. Spirali Gluten-Free Pasta is made exclusively from a blend of high-quality corn and rice flour. This combination ensures a pasta that not only meets the needs of those with gluten sensitivities but also delivers a delightful flavour and mouthfeel reminiscent of traditional wheat-based pasta.
  • What truly sets these spirals apart is their meticulous production process. They are bronze drawn, a traditional method that imparts a slightly rough surface texture to the pasta. This texture allows sauces to adhere beautifully to the spirals, ensuring that each bite is bursting with flavour. Additionally, the pasta is dried at low temperatures, a method employed to preserve its nutritional properties and maintain its excellent taste and texture.
  • Spirali pasta's spiral shape is not only visually appealing but also highly functional in the kitchen. These spirals are ideal for cradling your favourite sauces, whether it's a classic marinara, a creamy Alfredo, or a fresh and zesty pesto. Their versatility makes them a go-to choice for creating a wide range of pasta dishes that cater to various palates and preferences.
  • What elevates Spirali Gluten-Free Pasta to an even higher level of quality is its certification from ICEA, a renowned organization for organic farming certification. This certification ensures that the ingredients used in the pasta come from organic farming practices, meeting stringent standards for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Organic
Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy (kJ): 1500
Energy (kcal): 350
Protein (g): 6.4
Carbohydrate (g): 78,
of which sugars (g): 1.5
Fat (g): 1.4,
of which saturates (g): 0.2
Salt (g): 0
Fibre (g): 1.8
Halal: Yes
Lactose Free: Yes
Organic: Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Suitable for Vegan: Yes
Gluten Free: Yes

Store in a cool and dry place.

Polypropylene packaging
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