Snail Shells Extra Large Bag


1 Piece (96units)

Country of Origin: France

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Snail shells have a unique and unexpected culinary application, particularly in dishes that feature the delectable delicacy known as escargot. These shells, once carefully cleaned and emptied, can be washed and reused to present and serve this gourmet treat. To prepare snail shells for culinary purposes, it is essential to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and devoid of any organic matter or residues. The shells are meticulously scrubbed to remove any remaining traces of the snail's soft body, guaranteeing a hygienic and safe dining experience. These empty snail shells are ready to be filled with the savoury escargot mixture. The filling typically consists of cooked snails, herbs, garlic, butter, and sometimes additional seasonings. The mixture is spooned into each shell, allowing for a visually appealing presentation and practical handling during consumption.
  • The reusable nature of these snail shells makes them ideal for serving escargot repeatedly. After each use, the shells can be washed thoroughly, ensuring they are free from any food particles or odors. Proper sanitation is essential to maintain food safety standards.
  • Snail shells provide not only a functional purpose in culinary applications but also contribute to the overall dining experience. The distinctive spiral shape and iridescent sheen of the shells add an aesthetic touch to the presentation of escargot, elevating it to a visually pleasing and memorable dish.
  • While escargot remains the most prominent culinary application for snail shells, they can also be employed creatively in other culinary endeavors. Some chefs and food enthusiasts use them as decorative elements or vessels for unique appetizers, amuse-bouche, or small desserts, adding an element of surprise and elegance to the dining table.

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100% natural snail shells (Helix Pomatia Linné)
Traces of molluscs
Halal: Yes
Lactose Free: Yes
Organic: No
Suitable for Vegetarians: No
Suitable for Vegan: No
Gluten Free: Yes
Keep in a cool and dry place.
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