Toma Piemontese PDO


PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 39.06
Product Information

Toma Piemontese is a PDO cheese made in the Piedmont region of Italy from pasteurised cow’s milk. The aroma, flavour, pate and texture of Toma Piemontese vary depending on whether it has been produced with whole-fat milk, or if it is a semi-fat version with skimmed milk. In the first case, the pate is straw yellow with evenly distributed “eyes”, sweet, pleasant flavour and a delicate fragrance. The rind is elastic and smooth and appears deep straw-yellow to reddish-brown based on the seasoning. If the cheese has been made from skimmed milk, it has a wrinkly and not elastic rind, straw white pate and tiny eyes and an intense flavour that varies with seasoning.

  • Artisanal semi-soft cheese, also known as Toma del lait brusc boasts of being one of Italy's oldest known cheeses, dating back to Roman times.
  • With a pleasant aroma and sweet taste, it is ideal for dishes such as frittata, gnocchi, risotto and pasta fillings.
  • This Italian PDO cheese is made from pasteurised cow's milk and can also be used for baked potatoes, quiches and fondue.